3 Kanye West Songs You Must Hear

Kanye West is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and fashion designer.

Kanye West is an artist who has been making waves in the industry since 2006. He is an influential figure in the entertainment industry with a career that has seen him go through both highs and lows.

As Kanye West continuously experiments with his sound, he also changes the face of pop culture. His albums and music videos are visually creative, while his lyrics remain highly opinionated.

He has had a highly controversial career. He has achieved numerous hits and charting number 1 singles and albums. He even has the distinction of being one of the most influential artists in hip-hop culture history.

On June 8th, 1977, Kanye West was born to Donda West and Dr. Ray Charles West in Atlanta, Georgia. His father was a music producer who worked under “Papa” Teena Marie, and his mother was an English professor at Clark Atlanta University who taught courses on black literature. His parents chose the name Kanye because it means ‘the only one’ in Swahili, which Kanye believes is because he is their only son (Yeezy). In

Here are our picks of the best three:

  1. Jesus Walks

Kanye West released a song, “Jesus Walks,” in 2005, which was a hit. The song is about how Jesus walks with West during tough times.

The song is hard to interpret due to its ironic and satirical nature, and at the same time, it does not promote any religion or God. The songs’ lyrics have been criticized by many people for glorifying violence and crime, and its title has been considered as a reminder of slavery.

The song has garnered more than 100 million streams on Spotify with 15-second full plays, meaning that it was played 15 times for every minute it was streamed.” Jesus Walks” is Kanye West’s first gospel-influenced song that features his rapping style, yet, it was still able to reach a large audience.

“Jesus Walks” is considered the only song on Graduation released as a single to mainstream radio stations without being featured on any of the album tracks. The music video is an homage to the film “The Last Temptation of Christ,” with Kanye reenacting the crucifixion scene with actor Jamie Foxx in place of Jesus Christ while also playing Pontius Pilate and being crucified himself.

  1. Gold Digger

Kanye West’s Gold Digger explores the idea of obsession and the confusion that can often happen when humans are driven by their desires. The song also covers other themes such as betrayal, jealousy, and materialism.

The song’s lyrics explore how humans try to find something that will make them happy, but sometimes this search can lead to feelings of pain and disappointment.

Gold Digger is a song about how humans are constantly seeking happiness in things outside themselves. This could be relationships or material wealth. However, because we are constantly trying to find happiness in these things, it causes us to feel empty inside

  1. All Falls Down

All Falls Down by Kanye West is a song about the struggles of a woman who used to be in love but then ended up in a complicated situation.

The lyrics of the song are about an unfulfilling relationship that is not worth it anymore. The woman’s tears at the end of the song suggest that she has realized this herself and is ready to move on.

This song was written in response to his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose, who had major issues with cheating on him. He talks about how relationships are not worth it and how people should just let go of them because they don’t need them anymore.

Kanye’s style is a mix between rap, soul, funk, and pop music. He began his career as a producer of hip-hop beats before moving on to write lyrics and sing. A few years later, he released his debut album The College Dropout, which critics highly acclaimed for its unique blend of different genres.

With three decades worth of hits under his belt, Kanye is still considered one of the most influential artists in the world even today.

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