8 Ridiculous Myths About Artists That You Actually Believe

Artists are some of the most misunderstood people in society. They’re often seen as eccentric, strange, and anti-social. This is why it’s so surprising to learn that artists are some of the most hardworking and well-adjusted people out there! In this article, we explore 8 ridiculous myths about artists that you might have believed and […]

10 Famous Graphic Designers & Artists You Should Follow

In the age of social media, the word “famous” means having to be already famous. However, some prominent graphic designers and artists have created their fame through a modest start. From record album covers to athlete uniforms, graphic design and artistry are instrumental in not only how we see our world but how the world […]

Is Becoming a Graphic Designer A Stable Job?

Graphic design, sometimes called visual communication, is the practice of combining text and images to convey a specific message. Graphic designers often combine typography, visual arts (such as photography, illustration, and film), and page layout. Curious about the career objective for graphic designer? And are you thinking if this field is suitable for you or […]

What Is Felting?

Have you ever seen such an intricate piece of art? The Dorset Felt Making Festival is a one-day festival at the end of October, where people from all over the world flock to Dorset, England, to see the work of artists, makers, and craftspeople using felt and wool. Participants in the festival learn about the […]